KNOW YOUR SOURCE!  US Consumers have the right to access lab reports on all CBD products. Make sure any company you deal with provides ready-access to these reports. The report should clearly show you that your product is truly organic (no pesticides, metals and solvents).

All Hemp Boca and Balenz Sport products are double-lab tested at the manufacturing and distribution levels to make sure nothing but pure CBD is consumed by our customers. 

Sample Lab Reports

HEMP BOCA                                                                                                   

700330_1 Hemp Boca 300mg Human Tincture.pdf

700354_31 600mg Hemp Boca.pdf

700331_2 Hemp Boca 1000mg Human Tincture.pdf

1500mg Tincture

3000mg Tincture

700334_5 Hemp Boca Balm 500mg (Topical).pdf

700335_6 Hemp Boca Balm 1000mg (Topical).pdf

700336_7 Hemp Boca Bath Bomb Lavender.pdf 

700337_8 Hemp Boca Bath Bomb Eucalyptus.pdf 

700333_Hemp Boca 25mg piggie.html


700338_10 Balenz Sport Shampoo Hair Growth Anagain 50mg.pdf

700339_11 Balenz Sport Conditioner Hair Growth Anagain 50mg.pdf

700340_12 Balenz Sport Pet Treats 150mg.pdf

700341_13 Balenz Sport Pet Tincture 250mg.pdf

700342_15 Balenz Sport Spray Energy 52mg.pdf

700343_16 Balenz Sport Spray Pain Relief 52mg.pdf

700349_23 Balenz Sport Skin Care Facial Cleanser 20mg.pdf

700350_24 Balenz Sport Massage Oil 20mg.pdf

700351_27 Balenz Sport Human Tincture 250mg.pdf

700352_29 Balenz Sport Human Tincture 500mg.pdf

700353_30 CBD Conditioning pet Shampoo 20mg.pdf

700344_18 Balenz Sport Skin Care Ultra Eye Repair 20mg.pdf

700345_19 Balenz Sport Skin Care Body Butter 20mg.pdf

700346_20 Balenz Sport Anti- aging with Apple Stem 20mg.pdf

700347_21 Balenz Sport Skin Care Collagen and Retinol 20mg.pdf

700348_22 Balenz Sport Skin Care Facial Toner 20mg.pdf

700338_10 Balenz Sport Pet Treats.html