COVID - PPE Working Together! Safety Together!

In the wake of COVID19 with the unfortunate loss of life and the challenges of making sure everyone is safe, we decided to join the fight in an effort to slow down the spread of viruses.  With our trusted brand CBD products already circulating that have help many people live a healthier lifestyle, we decided to expand into supplying PPE products.  

The global Corona Virus outbreak has tested people, industries, governments in un-imaginable ways. Supply chains unlike any crisis since World War II. Manufacturers and suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) have been working overtime to increase production in response to unprecedented international demand.

Manufacturers and the workers who make PPE are working hand in hand with the medical field as they strive to increase productivity while struggling with the same challenges, risks, and fears as the general public.

Members of the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) are working hard to keep everyone safe — including their own employees — during this difficult time. Our hearts, heads, and hands are unified in responding mightily to help America and the world’s extended family of nations obtain the PPE needed by healthcare workers.

Protecting people from the spread of viruses isn't just the "right thing to do," it must be a Pandemic we all want and to protect,

Hemp Boca now offers a full line of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep you and first responders safe at home or at work.

Invest in your health with Hemp Boca. Buying FDA, CE and NIOSH approved products from a trusted company gives you peace of mind you are getting authentic products.  

Controlling hazards at the source through engineering, work practices, and administrative controls is the best way to help protect workers. However, when measures do not provide adequate protection, we must provide PPE and ensure that everyone uses them.

WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS - Contact us at 561-330-5655 or email: support@hempboca.com for more details or place an order.


Due to the increase in scrupulous and fraudulent activity within the PPE industry.  We have implemented a secured standard operating procedure (SOP) that protects buyers.  If you are a buyer and need to order bulk, we invite you to contact us.  Partner with a trusted company!


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