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"I have been challenged with multiple Autoimmune Diseases for many years. The Hemp Boca Wellness Drops 100mg has helped the pain and inflammation improve immensely. I feel more calm which helps prevent exacerbation of my symptoms. It also works incredibly well for quality sleep. Andrea is a well known Nutritionist in the Miami, FL area. 4/5/19


"I was a guest on a weekly live broadcast and met Jean and Chris, owners of Hemp Boca. During a break, I was able to try the Hemp Boca Wellness Drops 600mg oil under my tongue. Within 5 minutes it felt like "icy fingers" going into my shoulder! I have herniated discs and Tendinitis in my shoulders - it took the pain away. Faith is a BioChemist and served 20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry. Carries the following: RPH, BSPharm, CSCS, CPT This is one of our favorite moments witnessing the transformation from being in pain and ultimately not feeling anything. All caught on live taping of our segment." 4-1-19


"I suffer from Fibromyalgia for over 25 years and taking pain killers for 15 years. Decided to use the Hemp Boca Wellness Drops 300mg and within an hour, I felt relief. Saving me money and taking something that is healthy. Thank you and I will continue to let people know. Deborah, was nice enough to allow an interview based on her personal experience using our product. This was a remarkable day to meet Deborah and taping of video. This is what Hemp Boca is all about."  

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"Thank you Hemp Boca. I am 72 years old, arthritis for over 25 years. I started using the Hemp Boca Wellness Drops 300mg just before Thanksgiving and within hours my pain was gone and my trigger-thumbs were working. Susan agreed to an interview about her personal experience using our product. Hemp Boca appreciate your support and willingness to video your testimonial." 

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 "I have two small dogs and they are both afraid of the thunder and loud noises. I have tried so many things. Nothing has really helped until I got Hemp Boca Pet Wellness Drops 300mg . I have also used the CBD Oil on one of my dogs who is very hyper when we have people over. What a difference. The dog is so mellow and everyone gets to enjoy her and not chase her away. Thanks Hemp Boca you made my pets so much happier." 9/18/18.


"After suffering from Migraine headaches for years, I have found the Balenz Sport  Massage Oil 20mg to ease my migraines quicker than any products I have used in the past. Thanks, I love this and its' great to have ease with the debilitating headaches. 7/3/19.


"Many years ago I fell while climbing a rope at the gym. The rope fell and down I went as well. I landed on my tail bone. This caused tremendous pain and I suffered from two lower back disk fusing together. Now as I am getting older I have pain daily. I have found that the Hemp Boca Massage Oil 20mg has worked wonders almost immediately for the pain I feel. The Physician said my back would heal which it did but he said I would probably have trouble the rest of my life. I am grateful for CBD product as I use all natural remedies."  7-5-19.


"After a fall from a third floor balcony many years ago I started using the Hemp Oil. I broke my hip and pelvis. I have suffered tremendous pain for 7 years after. I have tried CBD oil and no results until I tried Hemp Boca Wellness Drops 600mg! I received amazing results in just minutes after taking. I have been doing better. The smell is good and goes down smoothly." Thank you Hemp Boca for this wonderful product. 7-5-19.


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