The Hemp Boca Show brings awareness to consumers of what is going on in the Cannabis industry. Guests, fun moments, audience participation and more...

Our mission is to help as many people we can with pain relief and create a children's foundation that will take care of abused, hungry, displaced children in the USA and abroad. With your help, every purchase will bring us closer to that dream. What better way to have a radio show to share the great stories of Hemp Boca's products, bring awareness to consumers about CBD, Hemp, THC, MJ News as we head into the largest industry ever. 

The Hemp Boca Show broadcasts every Tuesday 2:30pm - 3:30pm (est) on over 20 media platforms.  Coming soon:  ROKU (HULU and Amazon TV).

  Our show is growing fast and we owe our appreciation to you, the "audience".  We are working hard at providing important information about CBD and it's benefits.  

Come visit us at The Heart of Delray, located at 1440 N. Federal HWY, Delray Beach for guests to discuss their stories and opinions.

Want to be a guest on our show? Email: along with why you should be considered. 

If you would like to sponsor our show, email us at  

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