Who We Are With Our Mission
Providing a safe and healthier alternative method for pain relief from many symptoms.
Core Value
Innovation, creativity and optimize towards effective health solutions.
Why is Hemp Boca different?
Hemp Boca was created from two individuals with personal experiences that have helped formulate their mission, cause and legacy.  The quality of our products is not about how they are made, it's about the people behind Hemp Boca. They believe this is their purpose in life, helping as many people with pain relief and ultimately create a children's foundation.  
After months of research, we partnered with a farmer that has the same passion, who follow strict laws, preserves their soil, creating rich nutrients which results into some of the healthiest Hemp plants around. 
What is important to us

> Working with leading companies in the cannabis industry that promote quality     practices with innovation.
> Locally grown, sourced, and produced on one location
> Hemp plants are processed from registered facilities and 3rd party lab tested       for pesticides, metals, solvents
> All products are 100% made from natural organic Industrial Hemp
> Solely focus on states who are a pioneer in the hemp business and continues     to innovate with new farming practices,  cultivation, and processing       to improve purity

> Farmers (GMP) certified or Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA Registered         Facilities, OTC (Over the Counter) and EU Recognized

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