Ms. Susan Mintz partnered with Dental Division of the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County to help HIV patients take better care of their teeth.  Susan's mission is to help educate patients about the importance of oral health.  How?  Susan purchases electronic teeth and donates them through the Florida Department of Health. 

Her dedication during the past 30 years as an HIV has made a staple in the local communities. 

To learn more visit:          




Broadcast live from Hippocrates Institute.  

Starting in 1956, the year the Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore (later joined by Viktoras Kulvinskas), we have operated on the belief that given the proper tools and environment, our bodies are self-healing and self-rejuvenating.  That was a philosophy practiced by Hippocrates himself and passed down to us today. 


To learn more about this organization, visit:


It was a fantastic day at the Delray Boxing Institute with Khalilah Ali (wife of the late great Muhammed Ali) for the Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation alongside the producers of our show (Dawn and Freddy).  We are very fortunate to have these opportunities to meet with local people that are giving back to the community, especially children.  

To learn more about Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation. visit:             

If you are interested in boxing and learning self discipline,  Visit:  for more information. Delray Boxing Club combines the modern interpretation of the classic social club with an upscale fitness facility. They threw in a boxing ring and a handful of world famous boxers to make the experience memorable.  

Khalilah Camacho Ali (former wife of Muhammad Ali)

We were very fortunate to have a great friendship Muhammad Ali's (Greatest Boxer) former wife, Ms. Khalilah Camocho Ali just before our radio show.  Ms. Ali carries a 9th degree black belt in Karate, is an advocate for caring about children, and actress, a movie producer,  a Doctor and has just recently launched a children's book from her series "Color to Learn". She is a remarkable women and we are delighted to continue our friendship,  working together on making a difference for people, especially children who have not been fortunate in life. 

 To learn more about Khalilah Ali, search her facebook page with: "Khalilahcamachoalifanpage". Also, visit Talent4change, a non-profit organization, for more information and if you are so inclined,  donation.  


Hemp Boca and The Brooklyn Cafe Show (95.3/1470am WNN)) joins Panthers Conservation Charity Event!

Hemp Boca had the privilege of participating at the Florida Panther's Panther Conservation Charity event.  The team is actively involved their name-sake spirit animal, it's environment and habitat. 

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